Minister of Labor and Social Policy Rasela Mizrahi visited a mother and son in Veles who live in dire conditions and are in urgent need of state help. They are beneficiaries of reduced mobility assistance but the funds are not sufficient for medicines, food or heating.

We visited Jordan Jovanov’s home and his mother Angjelina because the conditions they live in are worrying. They are in desperate need of help and we committed, as a Ministry, within the legal possibilities, to help with one-off financial assistance. We will also ask the Center for Social Work in Veles to visit them immediately and to consider using the right to a social pension or annual minimum income. Several private companies have already offered direct housing assistance. Humanity works faster than the state, humanitarians have already applied for help, Mizrahi wrote on Facebook.

The mother Angjelina suffered a severe stroke, which left her bed bound, and her son Jordan devoted his life to caring for his sick mother.