They made an agreement that should have strengthened the good neighborly relations, and yet they inserted issues that degrade the Macedonian history. This is not EU, these are not Copenhagen criteria, these are not the foundations of the EU, the VMRO-DPMNE Vice-Chair Vlado MIslajlovski told Alfa TV.

“We are saying that it is nonsense to include such an issue in the negotiations, and that is the first time in the history of the EU that a candidate country received this kind of conditions. There are historical commissions involved, which deny almost the entire Macedonian recent and medieval history. And Macedonia should accept that to join the EU. That is shameful and rude. Bulgaria may block us because of any historical issue they choose. Isn’t that blackmail?  That is why we are completely against this. These conditions must not decide the process and determine our path”, he stressed.

Misajlovski pointed out that the EU should require from us reforms in the judicial system, meeting the criteria o agriculture, ecology, etc., but not to meet some demands based on historical issues and that is why VMRO-DPMNE requires guarantees from the EU.

“We can get the guarantees, it is possible, we only need to be persistent. This government doesn’t care for guarantees – or anything else. All they want is to buy another day, week, month in power, for another few tenders, more benefits… As opposed to them, we think about how to improve our society, the youth is leaving, disappointed by everything that is going on. We have problems in every department, especially in the economy”, Misajlovski said.

Misajlovski concluded that the guarantees are necessary because it is enough to listen to each Bulgarian politician’s statements to understand the necessity.