Minister of Labor and Social Policy Rasela Mizrahi informed Thursday that according to the data she received from the Centers for Social Work, currently there are 11,514 pending requests for financial allowance for assistance and care from another person. According to her, this shows that so far the government and the ministry have been putting the citizens’ problems under the rug.

That, says Mizrahi, is unacceptable because families are still waiting for the assistance they need.

She also emphasized that in this way all deadlines have been breached, the initial deadline of 30 days from the submission of the application and the second deadline of an additional maximum of thirty days in the case of more complex cases.

This, the minister says, is not a matter of politics, but of the existence and assistance of citizens in need of care.

Attacks on me and my personal integrity will only encourage me to further fight for what I have come to do, and that is an unconditional solution to every problem a citizen of my state has, Mizrahi said, adding that she will work hard until the ministry becomes a service of the citizens.