A consensus is needed on EU negotiations, given that more governing sets may be changed during the negotiation process, but so far the government has not asked for expert help from the opposition, although as a party it has the capacity to help in many sectors, the international secretary of VMRO-DPMNE, Timco Mucunski told TV Sitel on Tuesday.

The negotiation process is a process that requires expertise in various aspects of the chapters that are being negotiated according to the new methodology. There is an expert input that our political party can give, we have also said that before, it is a process that requires continuity and that long-term approach should count on both the government and the opposition regardless of how changes are happening in our society and it is a process that will last for a long time, said Mucunski.

According to Mucunski, the fact that Macedonia may experience a new blockade during the negotiations is worrying, this time from Bulgaria, and the state has not reached a single position on this issue, although it has had enough time.

We believe that there is no expediency and need at this moment to discuss with a negotiating framework that is not final and not definitive. We need to see what the input of the member states will be, and what worries us is definitely that there is a high probability that a new bilateral dispute will be imposed on the Republic of Macedonia, by our neighbor Bulgaria. We should have had a national strategy and consensus here, unfortunately there is not and VMRO-DPMNE is very concerned about the trajectory of our European integration path from that point of view, said Mucunski.