Bulgarian member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki released a new deeply nationalist video, which comes ahead of the July 11th elections. In it, Dzhambazki claims that “Macedonia is Bulgarian”.

That is a fact that does not need proof. Zoran Zaev forgets that fact when he is in Skopje and only remembers it when he needs something. Bulgaria always loved Macedonia. But Bulgaria will not be blackmailed! The truth can’t be ignored and the history needs to reject the fate of every traitor. Bulgaria and the Bulgarian patriots will continue their fight for truth, Dzhambazki claims in the video, which includes comments made by Zaev that are critical of Bulgaria.

The video was released after Zaev’s visit to Macedonia and ahead of the elections, and the European Council where Bulgaria is expected to veto Macedonia’s EU accession talks.

Dzhambazki is a representative of Karakacanov’s VMRO-BND party, which narrowly failed to enter the Parliament at the April elections, and is now fighting for its political survival at the early July 11th elections.