Asked by the press, the Macedonian Government obliquely condemned the latest video released by Bulgarian nationalist member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki. In it, the MEP insists that Macedonia is part of the Bulgarian lands.

During the latest visit by Prime Minister Zaev to Sofia the governments of both countries sent clear messages that Macedonia and Bulgaria are dedicated to building positive relations and trust while overcoming the differences. We encourage all stakeholders to move on the path of dialogue and trust and to help the two nations and the two countries reach the desired solution as soon as possible. All actions by stakeholders that run counter to the dialogue, and away from care for each other and building trust are actions against the good-neighborly relations and against friendship, the Government responded to the news site, which asked for a response the to video.

Bulgaria is blocking Macedonia from opening EU accession talks as it demands major concessions from Zaev, including in watering down the unique character of the Macedonian nation and language.