VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski praised the group of Macedonian historians appointed to the joint committee with Bulgaria for doing their job well. Nikoloski said that if it weren’t for their resistance, Zoran Zaev would have imposed many additional concessions on Macedonia, on issues of history and national identity.

Zaev put the Macedonian people before an impossible choice – either to accept that we are something we are not and to abandon our identity, or to lose the prospect of EU accession talks. Whatever we choose from these two options, it would be a national disaster. That is the situation we were put in by Zaev, his ignorance, amateurism and corruption. Only the sky is the limit to his betrayal, Nikoloski said.

Bulgaria wants major concessions from Macedonia, starting with the declaration that Macedonian historic heroes were actually Bulgarians, and leading up to claims that the Macedonian nation and language derived from the Bulgarian.