The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski was asked today if he thinks that maybe the Macedonian services are under the influence of Russia and that Russia has influence here and maybe because of that Onishchenko got citizenship?

If I would like to give you an answer that would correspond most politically to my political party, I would say yes. But I would say what I really think, and I think that they are not under any influence but are incompetent and corrupt. And that for a system is worse than any influence, because the influences on the security services usually happen through corruption, and most of the time those who want to influence the security services do it much more often on corrupt methods and much less often on ideological principles and perceptions of security officials. Those are the two ways that can be influenced in Macedonia, I think that the reason why such mistakes are made is the corruption of all kinds and incompetence. It is also corruption not to conduct a polygraph because that way you do not know which of the employees in the service meets or does not meet the conditions. It is not by chance that this system was introduced. It is also corruption that those who work in the service least deal with the work in the service and much more deal with personal businesses, with racketeering of businessmen around the city, or with monitoring the opposition. Corruption is also receiving a reward to turn a blind eye to something, I am convinced that incompetence and corruption are the cause of this scandal, said Nikoloski.