The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Wednesday night’s repeated damage to the glass of the Bulgarian club “Tsar Boris the Third” in Ohrid.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia strongly condemns the act of vandalism that happened tonight, November 23, during which, among other things, the exterior windows of the civic club in Ohrid were damaged with the use of weapons. The fact that these vandal activities are repeated in a very short period of time is particularly worrying, bearing in mind that just a few days ago, on November 20, we witnessed another act of vandalism when the shop window of the club was damaged. Such events are completely unacceptable, they can endanger human lives, and intensify the retrograde processes that contradict the European integration of the country, states the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry calls on the competent institutions to investigate the circumstances under which these “vandal activities” took place and to take immediate measures to detect the perpetrators, as well as to take additional preventive actions in order to ensure adequate conditions for the smooth running of the activities of this and all other civic clubs and associations in the country.