Love for the homeland can never be out of fashion, says Prof. Dr. Vasko Sutarov in an interview with “Republika”.

The reason for the conversation was the recently published book by Prof. Sutarov entitled “When the motherland becomes a child, and the truth is a struggle”, which is a collection of essays and columns published in

The most difficult are non-substantial addictions, gambling for example. But this type of dependence also exists in politics. Power is not only material. Some say that power is the greatest aphrodisiac. So that the ardor remains, I am very sorry that I am not part of the former type of political debates, which had their own weight. These were debates with a capital “D”, not mundane debates, with empty phrases, with insults, but real political debates, and I worked them with fervor because we were facing the force of argument, not the argument of force. And that fervor exists, not because it relates to Macedonia, I say in the book the love for the homeland or patriotism, no matter how much I was convinced that it is something that is past, non-permanent, irrelevant, outdated, despite that, the love for the homeland, can never be out of fashion, says prof. Sutarov.

With prof. Sutarov, we talked about his book, about politics, which is still at the center of attention in his texts, even though he has long been out of it professionally, about cultural diplomacy and how well the Republic of Macedonia knows how to use it, about the crossing views with his students, for his choice of a word of the year in which he chose MACEDONIA.

In my opinion, even this year for many of us, although on the margins, with additions, adjectives, and pronouns like ours, my “Macedonia” remains the noun of the year.

Listen to the entire conversation in the video interview conducted by Predrag Dimitrovski.