VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski presented a USB flash drive, which, he said, contains changes to the Criminal Code that former VMRO leader Nikola Gruevski sent to politicians in the DUI party. Nikoloski presented the drive during his 360 Degrees interview.

First a meeting was held in the office of President Pendarovski, on the anniversary of the NATO membership, where the top people of the Government discussed this scenario. They talked about the name change and discussed how a similar action worked then and could also work now. Ali Ahmeti raised this issue, and Pendarovski was half truthful – he said that he received such requests but did not say by whom, Nikoloski said, claiming that the plan is to offer an amnesty to former VMRO leader Gruevski in exchange for his help to adopt the “Bulgarian amendments” through Parliament.

He presented the USB drive, which he said was Gruevski’s response to this initiative, and contains suggestions for changes to the Criminal Code, which were recently rushed through Parliament by SDSM and DUI. Pressed about the veracity of the USB drive, Nikoloski said that there is metadata on the word file that shows it really comes from Gruevski.

Nikoloski added that the changes to the law will also benefit many of the SDSM officials, who face criminal charges – “Oliver Spasovski won’t be held responsible for the purchase of police boots. Vasko Kovacevski for the 250,000 EUR bribe he sought in REK Bitola. The position of Muhamed Zeqiri and Dragi Raskovski will be much better under this law. Many of Zoran Zaev’s cases will reach the statute of limitations”, Nikoloski said, presenting a picture of a coalition between SDSM, DUI and Gruevski.
Nikoloski also alleged that Gruevski is in contact with a security service official – recently it was widely rumored that this is Mile Zecevic, the SDSM party Secretary General.

Nikoloski’s interview prompted a response from Gruevski who, in an interview with the friendly Infomax news site denied these allegations and accused the VMRO-DPMNE leadership of provoking a confrontation with him.

Nikoloski followed up with an appearance on Kanal 5, where he said that “Macedonia needs to clear the air from the conspiracy theories, and the unprincipled politicians who fed the public with conspiracies. It is not easy to do so in your own political party, but if you want a clean and healthy party, that can rid Macedonia of crime and corruption, you have to do it”. Nikoloski added that currently the main task before VMRO is to send the DUI party in opposition.