VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski called the ruling SDSM party out for its push to hold elections in June, even as the coronavirus statistics remain as bad as ever.

On March 17 we had 36 newly infected patients, and SDSM and its leader Zaev demanded that a state of emergency is declared. On May 21 we have 40 newly infected citizens. SDSM and Zaev now call for early elections, Nikoloski said.

SDSM demands that elections take place on June 21, apparently hoping that the low turnout will help the odds of their party. VMRO asks that the elections are held in August or September, depending on how the situation with the epidemic develops until then.

Zoran Zaev, SDSM and Minister Venko Filipce are looking for a chance to save their political careers and soften their coming electoral defeat even as Macedonia remains to be the worst performer in the region in the coronavirus mortality rate. Macedonia is at the bottom in the number of performed tests. SDSM and Zaev are willing to risk lives and the health of our citizens by rushing elections, VMRO said in a press release.