SDSM are talking nonsense when they say that they will find votes in this Parliament to amend the Constitution, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. After an attempt to find a joint position failed, SDSM and their partner DUI are now again indicating that they will try to get members of Parliament from VMRO to support the constitutional amendments – likely using threats, arrests and bribery.

If the coalition had a two thirds majority in Parliament, they would have put the proposal to a vote 10 times by now. The best evidence that they are talking nonsense and that they are using this issue to distract the public from their crimes and to remain in power a day longer, is the fact that they are not putting the proposal to a vote for a year now. A process of amending the Constitution can’t last a full year. It’s just proof that they don’t have the votes. We closed this issue long ago, no VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament will support this, we will not amend the Constitution under Bulgarian dictate, Nikoloski said in an Alfa TV interview.

He pointed out to recent statements from Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, that Macedonia will have to make additional concessions, on top of the constitutional amendments, if it wants to join the EU, as evidence that Bulgaria will ask for much more during the course of the EU accession.