VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski blasted the ruling SDSM party which today refused VMRO amendments to provide funding for public institutions that use dirty types of fuel for heating. The funding would’ve gone to pay for air purification filters that can be installed on chimneys.

For shame! SDSM and the Government refused our proposal. Zaev obviously doesn’t think he breathes the same air like the rest of the country. Is this also Bulgaria’s fault?, Nikoloski asked.

Faced with the Bulgarian veto to Macedonia’s EU accession talks, which were often represented as the cure-all for the country’s ills, some on the SDSM side are insisting that the country should try and begin resolving its own problems instead of just waiting for the EU membership that never comes. But when given a common sense proposal from the opposition, which incidentally is needed to even schedule a session of Parliament – given how narrow the SDSM majority is – the Government still wouldn’t take it.
Meanwhile, several other amendments proposed by VMRO were actually accepted. These close a loophole in the proposed package of financial aid to households affected by the coronavirus epidemic and the related economic contraction, which excluded single parents who already receive some aid or had annual income over 4,000 EUR.