The OJO office of state prosecutors informs that they still haven’t given the case submitted by the lawyers of the Diamed dialysis provided to an acting prosecutor. The allegations are raised against two top Government officials, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and the head of the FZO public healthcare fund Den Doncev.

According to the allegations, Filipce and Doncev were pressuring the Swedish Diaverum company that eventually bought Diamed for 11.5 million EUR, to back off from the deal, threatening it with criminal investigations. Diamed owner Vera Ivanova claims that Filipce and Doncev were in reality asking for a bribe in exchange for not interfering in the sale.

OJO assures the public that the case will be investigated by a state prosecutor. Given their track record of coordinating with the Zaev regime to persecute opposition officials, while at the same time going easy on Government officials charged with crimes, OJO faces a difficult task to prove that it can investigate allegations corruption in the Government.