is reporting that in 2018 the Macedonian Interior Ministry issued a passport to a well known Albanian mobster. Admir Murataj received his passport in November 2018, under the assumed identity of Pajtim Muca.

Murataj is best knows for his involvement in the 2019 armored van robbery of 10 million EUR at the Tirana airport, and was killed in a firefight with Albanian officers the next day. He was responsible for a number of similar brazen armed robberies in Albania, and previously served prison in Greece for murder and robberies. He fled from the Greek Trikala prison in 2013. Murataj had used 15 false identities according to his Greek police file.

For months reports are coming that the Zaev regime’s Interior Ministry was freely issuing passports to regional mobsters. The revelations so far have included Serbian drug runners and hit-men, Arab money launderers, Albanian ISIS commanders and the Turkish mobster Sedat Peker.