Another student who was rejected by the Government has gone public. Petar Barlakovski, whose social media posts reveal him to have been a supporter of the SDSM party during its Colored Revolution, now reports that he was rejected after requesting a scholarship to study international law in the Hague.

The international scholarships budget is put in place to fund citizens who manage to enroll in well ranked foreign universities, on the condition that they return to work for the Macedonian public administration. The option was used to give a 40.000 EUR scholarship in the Hague to Jana Dimitrova, daughter of Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, whose request was approved in mere days. When pressed on the issue, Dimitrov insisted that the approval is a mere technicality.

Barlakovski, on the other hand, claims that he has similarly submitted a request, but was rejected because of an issue with his credits.

I’m done with this stupid country, regardless who is in power. You are killing the young, ambitious students who want to study in prestigious universities while you create shortcuts for your own children, Barlakovski said.

Dimitrov’s Ministry was called out for similar allegations after several qualified candidates said that they were rejected after applying for open positions.