Pendarovski and Kovacevski devalue the institutions, they first said that foreign agencies spread anti-Macedonian propaganda, now they are hiding them, they work for agency networks, accused VMRO-DPMNE.

It is unacceptable for Pendarovski and Kovacevski to remain silent, after Pendarovski himself told the Security Council that foreign agencies negatively affect relations with Bulgaria, spreading hate speech and negation of the Macedonian nation, language and history. Which foreign agencies work to the detriment of Macedonia and spread hate speech, Pendarovski should come out and say them clearly, otherwise, he devalues the institutions and gives the impression that he speaks without arguments or that he himself works for foreign agencies.

Pendarovski and Kovacevski are not doing anything to adequately react to the provocations towards Macedonia. The government first says one thing, and then does something completely different, knowingly harming the state.

The government also hides from where the Bulgarian associations, which create hate speech and deny Macedonia, get funds. The financial institutions under the government should by now have investigated the origin of the money, and informed the citizens, but also taken an adequate reaction.

The government does nothing to guarantee the stability and reputation of the state.