Former Communist era politician and Governor of the Macedonian National Bank Petar Gosev was critical of the achievements of Zaev’s Government, saying that the nearly two years Zaev has been in power are not a short period of time to “right the ship”.

Zaev must have known what is coming and after spending 11 years in the opposition, he should have been better prepared, in his program and in his team. Two years are not a short period of time for the citizens to see that the ship is moving in the proper direction toward a just state and respect of the rule of law, with no tolerance for corruption and to reduce the demeaning levels of economic inequality, Gosev said.

Gosev supported SDSM during the Colored Revolution and its take-over of power, and this is his first public criticism of the Zaev Government. He warned that the Government can’t continue hiding behind the name issue and must begin to address other issues as well, such as the overblown public administration.