Happy 2023…! While we, ordinary citizens, extend New Year and Christmas greetings, the members of the “BERMUDA TRIANGLE” family – from Struga, wished the people of Struga a Happy New Year 2023 with their cars, the new 2023 models, which can cost from EUR 130,000.00 to EUR 150,000.00, says the Struga branch of the Alliance for Albanians.

The party emphasizes that in order to buy such a car from a worker with an average salary of 400.00 euros, he should work from 27 to 33 years.

The predominance of luxury that the mayor’s son shows to the citizens of Struga with a new car that costs perhaps around 150,000,000 euros, speaks of the goals and perspective that his father brought to Struga. To know how degraded a government is, it is enough to look at how their successors live, who without a single day’s work in their lives tell the common citizen how rich and strong they are – pure MISERY and DEGRADATION, said the party.

Well, dear respected citizens of Struga, Happy New Year 2023 and…, let’s wake up and stop the unjust enrichment of about 5 people at the expense of 50,000 citizens of Struga, and to the detriment of Struga, stressed AA.