Of the votes counted from 2,800 out of 3,480 polling stations, or nearly 80% of counted votes, the SDSM-led “We Can” coalition with 36.48% is in a lead over the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition having 35.47%.

The data published by the State Election Commission from their main office as its website has been out of function for over an hour show that 10.73% voted for DUI, 8.41% for Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa, 4% for Levica, 1.41% for DPA and 1.36% for Integra party. Under 0.4% have voted for the other parties and coalitions.

According to the number of voters, nearly 232,000 people voted for SDSM, 226,000 for VMRO-DPMNE, 67,000 for DUI, 53,000 for Alliance for Albanians/Alternativa coalition, 25,500 for Levica, 9,000 for DPA and 8,500 for Integra, show data processed so far.