The former Minister of Defense Radmila Secerinska thinks that everyone should try to understand those citizens who oppose the constitutional amendments because, according to her, they don’t oppose the EU, but fear that there will be more demands.

Sekerinska, still a staunch supporter of the current Government, spoke at the debate titled European Front, organized on the occasion of DUI’s 21st anniversary.

“The thesis that there is no alternative, apparently, doesn’t work. Those who support the constitutional amendments should understand those who don’t. The latter are ethnic Macedonians in general, but their number must not be underrated. Most of the people who oppose the constitutional amendments are not against the EU. We don’t need to convince them that EU is important – some of them know better than us. The resistance doesn’t derive from their opposition to EU, but from the fear that this won’t be the end. And that fear is not unreal. They fear new demands. If we remain silent, then we will become accessaries”, Sekerinska warned, adding that the current Government owes to these citizens to its best to protect their interests.