The leaders of the ethnic Albanian opposition parties in Macedonia called for early elections. Ziadin Sela from the Alliance of Albanians said that both he and the public are disappointed not by the EU decision to withhold the opening of accession talks from Macedonia, but by the lack of reform capacity in the Government.

They came to power with the promise they will bring justice to build peace. We saw no justice, nor peace. Instead of tackling crime and corruption, the Government itself is part of the corruption. The Government now needs to pay a price, said Sela, who will be one of the participants at the meeting President Pendarovski called for Sunday.

Bilal Kasami from the BESA party also said that the Government failed at its goal which should result in early elections.

This Government came with many promises, but it fulfilled almost none of them and set the country back significantly. As of today the country is in a deep crisis and overcoming it will require a collective resignation from the Government and early general elections as soon as possible, Kasami said.