At Thursday’s TV debate, professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova reminded her opponents Stevo Pendarovski of all his promises regarding the name change, how that would not happen without state consensus of all parties, Zaev’s promises that the Constitution will not change, etc.

Do you know how many people should vote in that referendum? The two major parties in 2011 said the referendum would be obligatory. It is consultative … I do not know their speculations, it’s manipulation with the people. There is either a referendum or not, Pendarovski says regarding the name change referendum. Here’s a clean position. I hope that there is not a clearer one. Regardless if there are comments on this. The name cannot be resolved without state consensus. Not party, not governmental, not national, not ethnic, but a state one. This means that all relevant stakeholders, the government and the opposition, Albanians and Macedonians, should all agree on what is the red line of the Republic of Macedonia. I claim that this issue has so great proportions and touches everyone who lives in this country, especially the Macedonians. The legitimacy that the ruling party has won in elections is not sufficient. How many votes have they won, how many MPs? Should we have a referendum at the end of the process, Pendarovski spoke several years ago on TV 24.