Skopje’s 2028 European Capital of Culture status promises to benefit all residents by fostering collaboration and communication between regions and European nations, according to Mayor Danela Arsovska. During a recent press conference, she highlighted the city’s plans to partner with previous European Capital of Culture cities to enhance the cultural exchange.

The Mayor of Skopje emphasized that the advantages will extend to all Skopje citizens, the entire nation, and the broader region. She stated, “This offers a great chance for collaboration and communication among regions and European countries, focusing on cultural projects and programs.”

During the press conference, Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska hailed Skopje’s selection as the European Capital of Culture as a significant achievement for Macedonian culture. She envisioned 2028 as a year when Skopje becomes a cultural crossroads, celebrating the richness, uniqueness, and diversity of various cultures to enhance the European spirit in all.

EU Ambassador David Geer emphasized at the press conference that the key aspect of Skopje 2028 would be the engagement of young and talented individuals. He further highlighted the EU’s commitment to supporting the entire journey.

Elizabeta Jovanovska, a member of the project team, stressed that marginalized groups will also be given a platform in this endeavor. She stated during the press conference, “We will provide an opportunity for showcasing the talents and capabilities of this segment of our community to a wider audience, ensuring free access to all events and improving the social life of individuals with disabilities.”