The Association of sports betting companies said that it is in talks with the Government to being online booking. The very popular sports betting stores were forced to close temporarily, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the Association, its members continue to hire 8.000 people and to support up to 50.000 indirectly created jobs linked to booking. It denied that it is preparing its members to go fully online, but said that online betting will be an option in the future.

The Finance Ministry is looking into having booking and sports betting held onine. It is a process that has been on-going for a while, but so far only through the state lottery system. The idea to have other companies join in is being considered, and we are in talks with the Ministry, the Association said.

According to its estimates, Macedonian citizens pay between 40 and 50 million EUR per year to foreign sports betting companies, and it would be good if these funds remained at home.