During the election campaign, Arben Taravari, the presidential candidate from the Worth It coalition, met with citizens and visited several small businesses in Skopje’s Old Bazaar on Friday.

Taravari stated, “The Worth It coalition, representing the Albanian opposition, pledges to invest in this area. Skopje’s Old Bazaar has been overlooked and deserves much more support.”

He remarked that the election campaign has been conducted fairly so far, emphasizing that the Worth It coalition has maintained a positive approach and closely monitored the activities of other presidential candidates.

However, Taravari expressed concern about the pressure some administration employees are facing from their directors and managers. He acknowledged visible changes in the ethnic Albanian bloc.

“The campaign has been generally fair, except for some reports of pressure on administration employees from their superiors, which we’ve been informed about daily. These changes are evident, and it is no longer a question of who will form the next government. I hope this phase will conclude swiftly, and on May 9, Europe Day, we will see a new government with a fresh composition,” Taravari noted.

He added that the current atmosphere in the ethnic Albanian bloc is reminiscent of the 2016 atmosphere in the Macedonian bloc.

“We began early, launching our pre-campaign on February 3, and we’re not fatigued because people’s positivity energizes us. The positive energy we encounter reminds me of the enthusiasm and euphoria present in the Macedonian bloc in 2016. This is now happening in the Albanian bloc,” said Taravari.