Gostivar Mayor Arben Tapavari has announced his resignation as secretary general of the Alliance for Albanians, linking it to the party’s poor result in the recent local elections. In a statement to Klan TV, Taravari said he would not run for the same post in the party again and stressed that the Alliance for Albanians needed new staff.

It is certain that I will no longer be the Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians, it is my personal decision. There is enough time to elect another, younger, person to that position, Taravari said.

Arben Tapavari was one of the key figures in the past both in the party and in the coalition with Alternative, which, in turn, recently decided to leave the opposition coalition and join the government majority. The election results were not good for the coalition, but when it comes to Taravari, he took another victory in Gostivar and became mayor again.