It is no coincidence that the administration is hiring before the elections. There are viber messages that are another proof of how the repressive regime of Zoran Zaev and Petre Silegov works.

“Attendance is mandatory” to a party rally if you are employed at the Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs in Skopje. The director of the Center, Natasa Stanojevic, confirms this in the messages. In the messages she demands mandatory attendance from the employees, saying that the only justification for not attending is illness.

The director of the Center, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, run by Jagoda Shahpaska, spends the working hours of the administrators for signatures for “sure attendance”. So, if you cannot get get a job done in the centers, know – party directives are implemented in the offices “from the headquarters”, pressure is exerted on employees from superior positions, signatures are collected for mandatory attendance at the rallies of Zoran Zaev, Petre Silegov and Dusko Veskovski.

This rally was held in the “Boris Trajkovski” sports center and these messages mean that that capacity was too much for the low interest in “The best for my municipality” campaign.