SDS and DUI government started a campaign claiming that THEY are Europe. Even if we overlook the fact that it is a plagiaрисм, stolen from a Georgian campaign, it still offends the people’s intelligence. This government has absolutely nothing in common with European values, VMRO-DPMNE reacted to the government’s latest campaign “We are Europe”.

“No one in Europe elects a public prosecutor from the ruling party’s family photo album. In Europe, the son of the Parliament Speaker doesn’t graduate from the Academy for Prosecutors, where he enrolled by violating rules and procedures. Europe doesn’t disperse millions of euros on expensive campaigns at a time when its people are starving”, VMRO -DPMNE points out.

“SDS’ slogan is an insult to Europe, because the corruption as it is in Macedonia, can’t be found anywhere in Europe, not even in the African or the South-American countries. If they think that an expensive, absurd campaign will save them from the inevitable defeat, then they are deluding themselves”, VMRO-DPMNE stated.