On Friday, the 126th session of Parliament resumed with discussions revolving around the draft decision concerning the redistribution of funds among beneficiaries of the budget.

Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi provided an in-depth explanation of the decision, emphasizing its primary objective: to address the requirements arising from the collective agreement reached with labor unions. This agreement entails a ten percent increase in public sector salaries, the disbursement of a holiday bonus amounting to Mden 10,000 (equivalent to EUR 170), and the allocation of funds to accommodate a six-percent hike in pensions, as mandated by law. Additionally, social transfers are set to rise, and provisions have been made for the procurement of medicines catering to cystic fibrosis and diabetes patients.

Besimi underscored, “The reallocation totals approximately EUR 300 million, and it does not impact the anticipated deficit. Furthermore, these funds will be allocated to various essential areas, including student scholarships, meal programs, textbooks for elementary and secondary education, and the management of diseases affecting domestic animals.” He further clarified that the reallocation was achieved by redirecting resources from items with slower realization dynamics, through a combination of savings and increased revenue from contributions.