Three members of the Ministry of Interior have contracted the new coronavirus, Interior Minister Nake Culev revealed Tuesday.

These include a police officer in Skopje, a member of the forensic department and a man employed at the public procurement department at the Ministry.

They have been hospitalized. None of them were deployed to work on the ground, Minister Culev said in interview with Telma TV’s Top Tema.

The people they have been in contact with have been interviewed and some of them have been tested. “Of those, no one tested positive with COVID-19,” he said, adding that they were ordered to self-isolate.

Commenting on the measure banning public transportation from and to Kumanovo, Culev said the MoI was tasked with controlling how the measure would be implemented.

The government decided to introduce the measure following the recommendations of the health committee, he said.

Asked whether Kumanovo might be put on lockdown, after the same measure is being implemented in the municipality of Debar, Culev stated that other steps were likely to be taken in coming days if the measure proved to be inefficient.