The Greek PM’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are working on the plans for the visit of Alexis Tsipras to Skopje, which should probably take place at the beginning of April, MIA reports from Athens.

At the same time, reporters in Greece, citing their resources, say that after Tsipras’ visit to Skopje, Zoran Zaev will visit Athens.

The ministerial team that will accompany Alexis Tsipras has not yet been determined, and a business delegation is also being prepared to accompany him during the visit, most of them will be businessmen from Northern Greece. Tourism, construction, energy will be some of the areas that will be emphasized. Zoran Zaev’s visit to the Prime Minister’s Palace is expected to take place prior to Easter, the Greek news portal “News post” reported.

The plans for a Skopje visit were revealed by the Greek Prime Minister himself during Friday’s speech at the Fourth Economic Forum in Delphi. As MIA has already reported, Alexis Tsipras said that soon he will be the first Greek prime minister to visit Skopje, accompanied by a business delegation.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, speaking to the Independent Balkan News Agency (IBNA) at the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference last month, said he expects the first visit by Alexis Tsipras, “perhaps in March or April, whenever it is good for him,” and added that after that, he will pay a visit to Athens.

I will arrive for the first time in Athens, probably with the government plane bearing the name Republic of North Macedonia, to show our Greek friends from Greek Macedonia that we follow the agreement and want friendship with our southern neighbor, said Zaev.