The secret coalition Kovacevski – Arsovska came to the surface. And Kovacevski himself admitted that he had meetings with Arsovska in the Government. SDS and Arsovska are behind all the chaos in the capital, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The party points out that Kovacevski and Arsovska are jointly guilty of the robbery of Skopje citizens who commit it together. Their coalition is only for business deals and private tenders.

Arsovska appointed SDS staff as director of JSP. The director of JSP, Stojkovski, personally signed the purchase of 27 million euros for fuel at a price of 2 euros per liter. The robbery of Skopje was jointly organized by Kovacevski and Arsovska. Arsovska harasses workers and threatens public transport in Skopje. In just two weeks, Arsovska faced protests by JSP employees due to unpaid salaries, private bus transporters due to unpaid debt, as well as protests by Drisla employees due to threats of dismissal is enough evidence that the city is not functioning. The city has never been dirtier, citizens for the first time have no public transport, while companies are on the verge of collapse and debts are growing, Arsovska instead of getting down to work and realizing the projects from the Modern Skopje program for which the people of Skopje gave their support, holds secret meetings with Dimitar Kovacevski and SDS, the party’s said.

One year was enough time for the people of Skopje to see that Arsovska is the most incompetent mayor.

This criminal coalition Arsovska/SDS is creating chaos in the city and is to the detriment of all citizens. Arsovska must leave immediately, the party added.