Kovacevski’s only role is to protect the Zaev family’s crime. In the interview tonight, Dimitar Kovacevski promises the same things that his boss Zoran Zaev promised before he came to power. If Kovacevski does not want to be a pawn, in the first 100 days there should be investigations into Zoran, Vice and Trajce Zaev. If he does not do that, he will prove to be their protector, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The pawn Kovacevski is one of the causes of the energy and economic crisis. The standard of the people is declining every day and that is why Kovacevski is to blame, who was the Deputy Minister of Finance for the past period. While the citizens are barely making ends meet, the non-national government of the Zaevism is spending public money on luxury dining sets for the pawn Kovacevski, reads the party reaction.