VMRO-DPMNE said that the nomination of Ljubomir Frckoski as Macedonia’s Ambassador to the UN is unacceptable. The former Foreign and Interior Minister has a long track record of abusing office and violating democratic norms in the murky 1990ies, as well as of violent conduct toward his former wife and in random road-rage cases.

Zaev proposes as our UN Ambassador a person with a dubious criminal past, named by mobsters for his involvement in their oil and cigarette smuggling in the 1990ies. He’s a suspected wife-beater and has attacked students in a university campus. He has often scandalized the Macedonian public and can’t be named to the UN, an organization tasked with promoting and protecting human rights and world peace. It’s like letting an elephant in a china shop, the opposition party said.

His initial nomination as Ambassador to Washington was rejected by the US.