SDS is a party that lies, and there is a court ruling for that. But it is more worrying that SDS is starting to talk nonsense. The desperation in SDS has reached such a level that they no longer know what they are talking about. Nervousness in the SDS is growing as the anti-government mood among the citizens grows, according to VMRO-DPMNE.

Macedonian citizens are rapidly getting poorer, and the level of inflation is far higher than the countries in the region and Europe. They destroyed the economy and according to the relevant international reports, we have the lowest GDP growth, and only Russia and Ukraine, which are at war, are worse than us. In addition, the system in Macedonia is collapsing, and the only thing that works is organized crime and corruption in the highest echelons of Kovacevski’s government. After all, that’s why about 60% of the citizens think Macedonia is heading in the wrong direction with this government. Kovacevski and SDS have turned into a coalition pendant of DUI in power and are trying their hardest to stay in power for another month or so in order to steal another tender. But they themselves are already aware that the end of their rule is approaching. It’s time for changes and it’s time for the crimes of this government to be held accountable, said the opposition party.