After Zaev announced his resignation late on Sunday, calculations have already begun on how a new prime minister will be elected. The Constitution is clear on this matter and says that it is not possible to elect only a new prime minister and the government to continue to function normally. In other words, with Zaev’s resignation, the whole government falls.

The resignation of the Prime Minister, his death or permanent impediment to perform his position, entail the resignation of the Government, reads Article 93 of the Constitution.

Now Zaev will have to submit his resignation to the Parliament Speaker and then President Pendarovski is obliged within ten days to entrust the mandate for government composition to a candidate of the party, ie the parties that have a majority in the Parliament and that is still is the coalition around SDSM.

Then, the prime minister-designate has 20 days from the day of being entrusted the mandate, to submit a program to the Parliament and to propose the government composition.