Marina Ivanovska, the wife of one of the most outspoken journalist supporters of Zoran Zaev, rejected his claims that she was the one who attacked him during the incident that happened on Thursday evening, when the police had to intervene in their apartment and protect their five year old child.

Sashe Ivanovski claimed that his wife slashed him with a knife and posted a photograph of his bandaged ear.

I wouldn’t dream of starting a violent argument with my husband who is far stronger than me and is prone to outbursts, let alone be the first one to grab a knife and attack him. I had to be hospitalized at the Emergency Clinic and was kept there for several hours. I will not disclose more information at this point to avoid additional sensationalism. The report on my injuries has been substantiated by specialists and by the police and I believe that the rule of law will apply, Ivanovska said told the press.

Ivanovski, who runs the Maktel news site, is best known for his angry and hateful comments against critics of Zoran Zaev, and for his public gloating after the deaths of several notable individuals from the opposition. In 2017, when Bekir Asani, an official from the DUI political party, attacked a female policewoman who was later pressured to say she hit her head by accident, Ivanovski did a favorable interview with him, laughing as Asani threatened journalists who called him out.

Ivanovski claimed that his wife attacked him because she was jealous he was talking to a female journalist at a press conference. Meanwhile, several news sites published text messages allegedly exchanged between Marina Ivanovska and Zlatko Marin, the mayor of the municipality of Aerodrom, discussing her love life and her husband’s lucrative career as a journalist close to Zaev, and arranging a meeting between themselves, indicating a possible motive why he would attack her.