EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar called on political parties to continue efforts to find consensus on the law on public prosecution.

In a statement made in Vevcani, the ambassador said that the focus must be on finding a solution and restoring citizens’ confidence and that at the moment it is much more important than the date for starting accession negotiations.

So far no solution has been found. No agreement has been reached. But we will continue to work to see again what will happen to cases involving former VMRO-DPMNE officials. The solution is not yet reached, but we need to reach it, to find that solution. We urge the two political parties to continue their efforts to try to find consensus on the issue, Zbogar said.

He believes that the Public Prosecutor’s Office can take over the SPO cases and that it makes sense to merge the SPO and the BPPO.

I think the SPO did one important thing. I think in the past few years they have been working on important cases, reporting on crimes. We believe that this work can be continued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office so that we think there is a logic in merging the SPO with the BPPO. As far as we understand, both sides agree, Zbogar said, adding that the common frustration with developments in the country is common.