I cannot agree that there is only one choice for Macedonia and that is to accept that the Macedonian people are one and the same as the Bulgarian people, that our roots are Bulgarian, our history is Bulgarian, that we speak a dialect of the Bulgarian language. We won’t accept any of those claims, under no circumstances, the Vice-Chair of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikolovski stressed on Sunday afternoon.

He added that if the EU really thinks that Macedonia deserves to move forward in its integration, then other forms to start the negotiations may be applied. Otherwise, the Bulgarian demands will only pile up.

For thirty years now the Macedonian people are under permanent pressure to give in on something.”Enough is enough”, he said.

Nikolovski also addressed the constitutional amendments, calling the Government to put it for voting in the Parliament, if they are so certain that they have the necessary majority. Nikolovski warned the Government that they won’t allow for the same situation as with the Ohrid Framework Agreement when the political parties elected in the Parliament in 1998 didn’t say they will sign the Agreement and yet they did in 2001.