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Macedonia 04.11.20 | 19:14

Alliance for Albanians/Alternativa: Now it’s not the time for early local elections due to the coronavirus situation

The Coalition of Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa believes that this is not the right time for early local elections, due to the pandemic situation. I think it is very unreasonable in this economic crisis and pandemic situation to organize early local elections in which mayors will be elected for...

Macedonia 27.07.20 | 22:47

DUI didn’t win the elections, the right to vote must be respected, the AA/Alternativa coalition said at the protest in Skopje

A country that is about to open negotiations with the EU must not allow some of its citizens to be denied the right to elect and to be elected, one of the main human and political rights in the EU, the Alliance for the Albanians/Alternativa coalition said Monday at a protest it organized in Skopje under...

Macedonia 26.07.20 | 16:14

Alliance for Albanians says being part of a government with DUI is highly unlikely, maybe impossible

We do not rule out anyone, but we have also said that being part of a government with DUI is highly unlikely, maybe impossible. However, we will leave it to the political leaders. You know what the numbers and opportunities are, there are many options, Shefik Duraku, spokesperson for the Coalition of...

Macedonia 26.07.20 | 15:11

Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa do not rule out the possibility of participating in the government with DUI

Coalition partners Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa do not rule out the possibility of becoming part of a government coalition in which DUI would also participate. They explain that although it is difficult, such an option is not excluded. As a coalition, but also individually as parties, we communicate...

Macedonia 23.07.20 | 14:39

All complaints filed by Alliance for Albanians, Alternativa, Interga dismissed, SEC decisions confirmed

The Administrative Court dismissed as unfounded all election-related complaints filed by political parties Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa, Integra and one submitted by a citizen, thus confirming State Election Commission (SEC) decisions, the Court said on Thursday. The Administrative Court dismissed...

Macedonia 09.05.19 | 23:03

Besa no longer has parliamentary group

As of today, Afrim Gashi, Nedzbedin Karemani and Redzep Memedi are no longer under the logo of the BESA parliamentary group, but MPs of Alternativa. This information was confirmed by a Parliament source. Now BESA has two MPs, and Alternativa three. With this change, the BESA parliamentary group no longer...

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