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Macedonia 22.06.22 | 19:07

Durlovski: I am proud of the “For a United Macedonia” protests, my heart is full when I go back to those days

I am proud of the “For a United Macedonia” protests, my heart is full when I recall the seventy days. At the protest the other day, when I went on stage to sing the national anthem of Macedonia, I felt the same incredible energy, something that is not seen and heard, but experienced. I saw...

Macedonia 18.06.22 | 21:03

Powerful: Hundreds of thousands of people sing the Macedonian national anthem with Durlovski

Hundreds of thousands of people present at the VMRO-DPMNE protest in front of the government building sang the Macedonian anthem in one voice. The national anthem was sung by maestro Igor Durlovski. His voice poured over everyone present. Really powerful. Take a look.

Macedonia 27.04.22 | 15:51

Silence is golden, silence is evil: Bars cannot restrict the freedom of the spirit, nor the love of the homeland!

Opera singer and one of the leaders of the “For a United Macedonia” movement Igor Durlovski today with a protest performance marked five years since the events of April 27. He was sitting behind improvised bars in front of the Macedonian Parliament building with a tape on his mouth. The cage,...

Macedonia 20.04.21 | 21:05

Igor Durlovski to sing the national anthem at 25 April protest for freedom of the defenders of the Constitution

Igor Durlovski, the Macedonian opera singer who is part of the participants in “For United Macedonia” and was accused by the current government of terrorism, informed on Facebook that he will sing the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia on April 25 at the protest for freedom of the...

Macedonia 12.02.21 | 19:42

Durlovski: Let my today be tomorrow for the wrongfully convicted. Long live Macedonia!

The Skopje Appellate Court upheld the first instance ruling for opera singer Igor Durlovski’s acquittal for the events of April 27 in the Parliament building. Durlovski is the only one who did not ask for amnesty,  defend his views and received an acquittal.  Final #Freedom will be when all ...

Macedonia 23.10.20 | 09:50

Igor Durlovski leaves Parliament: I remain true to my supporters and their votes

The MP of the “For the Renewal of Macedonia” coalition and head of the list in the fifth electoral district, Igor Durlovski, informed late Thursday that he is leaving the his post in the Parliament. National interests, justice for the unjustly persecuted and a normal state for our children...

Macedonia 23.09.20 | 21:06

Durlovski: The Macedonian code is indestructible, I will fight for the politically persecuted

We do not want a state of political persecution! State crime and fascist attitude towards identity, but we want a state of free, brave and dignified people! A state of a proud Macedonian nation, said MP, Igor Durlovski, at the protest of VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday. Many of you met me as a person who felt...

Macedonia 12.07.20 | 22:02

“You are my voice, I am your echo!”: Powerful performance of the Macedonian anthem by Igor Durlovski

You are my voice, I am your echo !, said the head of the MP candidate list of VMRO-DPMNE and opera singer, Igor Durlovski and with a powerful performance of the Macedonian anthem he urged people to vote for number 14!

Macedonia 12.07.20 | 15:04

Durlovski: 15 July is a referendum whether we will persist as a state or not

15 July are not ordinary elections as we have had, as we have had the opportunity to see 8,12,16 years ago, a contest between two concepts, different views on how to run the economy, the state. On the 15th, in my opinion, it is a referendum whether we will persist as a state or not, said the head of...

Macedonia 10.07.20 | 09:55

Durlovski entered Parliament to kill me, accuses Sekerinska

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Radmila Sekerinska accused that her rival in the fifth electoral district Igor Durlovski of entering the Parliament on April 27 to kill her. I do not have the desire to debate with the man who entered the Parliament to kill me or to organize others who will...

Macedonia 28.06.20 | 16:07

Durlovski: The Renewal will bring modern and European education to Macedonia

The head of VMRO-DPMNE’s list in the fifth electoral district Igor Durlovski, said Sunday in Bitola that the “Renewal of Macedonia” programme will bring many reforms that will help the young generations in education, as well the educators. Knowledge reveals our potential, develops it...

Macedonia 27.06.20 | 22:39

Durlovski: Our flag is the sun, the oldest fire that keeps us warm

“Our flag is the sun, the oldest fire that keeps us warm” – P.M Andreevski, the head of VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate list in the fifth electoral district wrote on Facebook. # Trebenisha # RenewalComing #StandTallMacedonia

Macedonia 25.06.20 | 09:46

Durlovski: The election is a referendum on the future of Macedonia

Igor Durlovski, the head of VMRO-DPMNE’s MP candidate list in the fifth electoral district, addressed the citizens of Ohrid, announcing that the fight against apathy, the campaign to restore values, started in Ohrid. The election is a referendum on the future of Macedonia. It is a chance to tell...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 18:37

Durlovski: After we defeat Covid-19, buy, support and visit everything Macedonian!

VMRO-DPMNE opera singer and head of the candidate list in fifth election district Igor Durlovski called for support of the Macedonian economy after the victory over the coronavirus. After we defeat Covid-19, buy Macedonian products, support Macedonian companies, visit restaurants and bars in Macedonia. Help...

Macedonia 13.03.20 | 12:07

Durlovski: The fight for better life and happier present should be conducted in dignified manner

In an interview with Faktor.mk, Igor Durlovski spoke about considering being on the list of the upcoming parliamentary elections. He will head the list in the fifth election district, and he did not decide immediately after Hristijan Mickoski’s offer, but is now convinced that VMRO-DPMNE will win...

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 17:36

Durlovski: They say we are on the right path. We are at a crossroads, to be, or not to be.

Opera singer Igor Durlovski commented on Facebook about SDSM’s motto “On the Right Path”: They say we are on the right path. We are at a crossroads, to be, or not to be.

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 22:17

Igor Durlovski on 2019: I defeated the system when it was most poweful

Political dissident Igor Durlovski, who was charged with “terrorism” by the Zaev regime, made his recollection of 2019. I defeated the “system” when it seemed to be at its most powerful. May the New Year be better for all of us, the opera singer said. Моја ретроспектива...

Macedonia 04.10.19 | 22:07

Durlovski remains a thorn in the government’s side, prosecutors’ appeal is inconclusive

I think I saw Durlovski pointing people where to go – this is the testimony of the controversial Suto Orizari’s mayor, Kurto Dudus, against Macedonian opera singer Igor Durlovski last September. His statement, in which there is no evidence other than the verb “I think”, is the...

Macedonia 03.10.19 | 14:50

Durlovski, Kedev and Siljanovska to help in Macedonia’s renewal

Macedonia lives a difficult daily life, the people live in poverty, with problems and a malfunctioning system. Life in Macedonia is full of injustice, poverty and insecurity. There is no concept or vision, no plan, but crime and corruption are all around us. The purpose of this octopus government is...

Macedonia 30.09.19 | 10:01

Durlovski: September 30 is my recommendation date

Ahead of the anniversary of the failed Prespa referendum due to a massive boycott, opera singer Igor Durlovski posted a message on Facebook hinting at the expectation of the European Council decision on a date for accession negotiation.