Opera singer and one of the leaders of the “For a United Macedonia” movement Igor Durlovski today with a protest performance marked five years since the events of April 27.

He was sitting behind improvised bars in front of the Macedonian Parliament building with a tape on his mouth. The cage, which symbolizes prison, had the inscription: “Silence is golden/ evil.”

Durlovski did not give statements to the media, because, as the cage in which he performed reads “silence is golden/evil.”

He later shared on Facebook a message from his wife Ana Durlovski.

The bars can not restrict the freedom of the spirit, nor the love for the homeland! Freedom for political prisoners! “Silence is evil 27A”

The Criminal Court in Skopje handed down draconian sentences for the events in the Parliament on April 27, 2017. Sixteen of the seventeen defendants in the events were sentenced to a total of 211 years in prison. Only opera singer Igor Durlovski was acquitted of terrorism charges.