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Macedonia Economy 02.03.21 | 18:51

Ruling majority in Parliament is unable to deliver aid to the badly hit tobacco farmers

The ruling majority’s inability to convene the Parliament, due to its very narrow cushion of votes, is badly affecting the tobacco farmers. This agricultural branch was crushed by exceptionally low prices this season, and the opposition parties have proposed changes to the law on growing tobacco...

Macedonia 14.12.20 | 08:20

Unlike SDSM, the Jahoski family scraps their victory party in Plasnica

While the SDSM party was celebrating its mayoral win in Stip, the DUI party said it will not call on its supporters to gather in Plasnica, where it also kept the mayoral seat. Both mayors were appointed to the Government and the Parliament, and SDSM and DUI decided to hold elections for new mayors, even...

Macedonia 10.10.20 | 13:35

Members of Parliament could be quarantined after one of them developed a severe form of Covid-19

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi contacted the head of the Infectious Diseases Committee Zarko Karadzovski to discuss further steps after DUI member of Parliament Ismail Jahoski contracted the coronavirus. Jahoski was rushed to the Infectious Diseases Clinic yesterday and now other members of Parliament,...

Macedonia 10.10.20 | 10:36

DUI member of Parliament Ismail Jahoski urgently hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms

Ismail Jahoski, the long time Mayor of Plasnica, now member of Parliament for DUI, was urgently hospitalized yesterday with Covid-19 like symptoms. Jahoski was rushed to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje with fever. He is best known for his Pucko Petrol oil company which has won numerous Government...

Economy 23.01.19 | 12:43

DUI mayor wins another public contract worth 100.000 EUR

Pucko Petrol, an oil distribution company owned by DUI party official Ismail Jahoski, won another public contract to supply oil to a government institution. In the latest case, the politically tied company will cash in 5.9 million denars (100.000 EUR) to supply gasoline to the M-NAV air traffic control...

Macedonia 31.12.18 | 15:37

Pucko Petrol got nearly twice as many public contracts in 2018 than it did in 2017

Pucko Petrol, a gasoline trading company whose owner Ismail Jahoski comes from the ruling the DUI party, cashed in on 28 million EUR in public procurement contracts in 2018, nearly twice as much as it got in 2017. Makfax tried to put together a list of companies which win the most money in procurement...

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