Friday, 28 January 2022
Macedonia 28.01.22 | 23:10

Mickoski: We will propose reduction of number of MPs and one constituency

We are thinking of proposing a concept that we believe, if some of the parties in Parliament are really honest, they could accept it, and on the other hand I think the citizens will welcome it, and that is reducing the number of MPs. Since maybe 120 MPs is too many, let’s say 90 according to the...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 22:59

Mickoski: The current government is administered by SDSM, and led by DUI

The current government is administered by SDSM and led by DUI, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with the “360 degrees” show on TV Alsat M, emphasizing that all key issues are left to be led by DUI which has only 15 MPs. Mickoski stressed that the government...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 22:52

Mickoski: Dissatisfied with the government, citizens demand early elections

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski, stressed in an interview with the “360 degrees” show that the citizens who supported his party in the last local elections, demand early elections. However, he says he is aware that early elections will not be able to take place now and immediately,...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 22:03

Kovacevski: New energy in relations with Bulgaria has brought many projects and opportunities for cooperation

The new energy and dynamics of relations with Bulgaria, determined at our first meeting with the delegation of the Bulgarian government in Skopje and on the return visit to Sofia to hold a joint session, through the work of the first meetings of the working groups put on the table many projects and opportunities...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 21:32

Mickoski is the future prime minister, says Fatmir Limani, Ahmeti’s nephew who joined BESA

Fatmir Limani, a relative of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and an independent candidate for mayor of Kicevo in the last local elections, who joined the Besa party today, announces that he will work for the unification of the Albanian opposition ahead of the next parliamentary elections, regardless of whether...

Economy 28.01.22 | 21:05

Price freeze of basic foodstuffs remains in effect until February 28

Macedonia’s Government at a session on Friday decided to extend until February 28, 2022, the price freeze of basic food products, including bread, sugar, flour – type 400, sunflower oil, milk containing 2.8, 3.2 and 3.5 percent of fat, fresh meat and delicacies, cheese, cottage cheese, rice, eggs,...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 20:45

Milososki: The government is negotiating outside the Resolution in the Parliament and that is why they are hiding the document they sent to Bulgaria

Osmani did not respond to the key request today, and that is to share with us the documents that in December last year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent as official answers to Sofia regarding the 5 +1 package. Since the MPs are the ones who elect ministers, the ministers should come to the Parliament...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 19:20

Parliament to discuss cancellation of Przino government on February 10

Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, has scheduled a session for February 10, at which the proposal of VMRO-DPMNE to cancel the so-called Przino government will be considered, the Parliament informs. The draft-law on amendments to the Law on Government by shortened procedure at the 62nd parliamentary session...

Balkans 28.01.22 | 18:25

Stojkov responds to Petkov’s statement that OMO Ilinden is provocation: This is continuation of the shameful Todor Zhivkov tradition of discrimination

This government would not open the topic of the Macedonian minority, I would not even comment on it, said the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov today in the Parliament and promised that “he will not succumb to provocations.” “OMO Ilinden is a provocation to the new Macedonian Prime...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 18:01

1,908 new Covid-19 cases, 26 die, 7 of which were fully vaccinated

Out of 5,834 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 1,908 new cases were registered and 22 patients passed away, the Health Ministry said on Friday. 254 of the new cases were reinfections. The Health Ministry added to the report 4 deaths which occurred in January. Out of the total...

News 28.01.22 | 17:34

Kovacevski makes a mistake with the country of the Serbian Foreign Minister

Former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was known for the numerous gaffes and statements he made during international interviews or events, but such a practice of the top leadership of the country continues. The latest person who “followед the example” of Zaev and maде a gaffe, which should...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 17:10

Pendarovski meets “OMO Ilinden” representatives, fails to refer to them as Macedonians

President Stevo Pendarovski met Friday with representatives of the Macedonians in Bulgaria. In the comment after the meeting, the head of state never mentioned that they are Macedonians but citizens of Bulgaria.

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 16:49

Osmani didn’t answer whether it is agreed Bulgarians to be included the Constitution

The atmosphere at today’s foreign affairs committee was tense. There was less talk about what should have been discussed, and that is the Macedonian response to the set of demands of Bulgaria called 5+1. From Osmani today we did not hear anything in the answers but that they are no longer 5+1 but...

News Macedonia 28.01.22 | 16:09

“North Macedonia” alludes to a territory, not a state

VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Gordana Siljanovska said that the option of referring to Macedonia in the short version of the imposed name “North Macedonia” is more suitable to a territory than to a country. Macedonia and Bulgaria agreed that Bulgaria will lift its objection to using the shorter...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 16:02

Healthcare Minister Sali says “no” to switching schools to online classes

Healthcare Minister Bekim Sali said that the school year will resume on Tuesday, with in-person classes for all elementary and high school students. This despite the huge new coronavirus wave that has swamped Macedonia. The opposition called for several additional weeks of online classes after the extended...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 15:24

360 Degrees interview with Hristijan Mickoski

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski will be interviewed at the 360 Degrees program on Alsat TV at 22h this evening.  Mickoski will discuss the opposition’s demand for early elections, its proposal to end the so-called Przino Government rule and the state of relations with Bulgaria.  

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 15:18

Major fire in a busy commercial area of Skopje

A major fire broke out in the Cair part of Skopje, in an area along the “Nikola Karev” boulevard that is used by many densely dotted stores. Police has blocked access to the area, as a thick column of smoke rises. Therer is still no word on the extent of the damage.  

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 15:10

Zaev went skiing in the Alps?

Zoran Zaev has disappeared from the public eye since he resigned as Prime Minister and SDSM party leader.  Recent rumors that he has gone skiing in the Alps with his former Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce are now supported by the Instagram feed of his daughter Aleksandra Zaeva. She posted pictures...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 13:56

Osmani confirms that Bulgaria has demands aimed at the Macedonian language but insists that the Government is not negotiating on that issue

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani confirmed that Bulgaria is raising demands that are aimed at the Macedonian language, but insisted that the Government will not accept these demands. Osmani today spoke at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament about the state of negotiations in the dispute...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 13:46

Marijana Petir answers MHRMI call to demand an end to the pressure put against Macedonia

Croatian member of Parliament and former member of European Parliament Marijana Petir called on European politicians to condemn the pressure put on Macedonia to give up its national identity and history. Petir joined the call from the Macedonian Human Rights Movement International from Canada, that called...

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