Macedonia has the most expensive tolls in terms of the quality of roads and highways it offers, and no longer so cheap fuel compared to countries in the region. This impression is obtained if we compare the prices of tolls in our country, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria and Albania.

Tourists who will pass through Macedonia this year on their way to Greece cannot hope that in front of the “Bogorodica” border crossing they will fill their gas tanks and have enough fuel for their entire trip.

Now gasoline in Macedonia is slightly cheaper compared to Serbia, so Serbian tourists do not care if they refill at home or in our country.

So if you go by car to Greece, to the first resorts of Halkidiki you will need at least 100 euros for gas, which is significantly more than last year.

The situation with the tolls is the same. Although at first glance the prices in our country do not seem high, compared to the quality of the roads it turns out that in Macedonia the price-quality ratio of highways is not proportional.


Belgrade – Presevo 1,490 dinars / 750 denars in one direction


First toll from the Tabanovce entrance 60 denars

80 денари

Second toll

80 denars

Third toll 60 denars / 1.5 euros

Fourth toll 80 denars

Fifth toll

100 denars

Tolls Greece

Evzoni 1.8 euros

Thessaloniki 0.5 euros

Toll Asprovalta 0.9

Evzoni – Halkidiki 2.3 euros

Evzoni – Thassos 7.40

Evzoni – Corfu 10.60

Bulgaria vignettes

Vignette for the weekend 5 euros

Vignette 8 days 8 euros

Vignette 30 days 16 euros


Sozina Tunnel 2.5 euros


Batrovci – Zagreb 19 euros

Zagreb – Rijeka 10 euros

Zagreb – Sibenik 22 euros

Rijeka – Umag 14 euros