Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said on Wednesday that Kosovo had won the war with Serbia but now had to win the peace.

“We have had a century of hostility with Serbia. We won the war at a great price. Now it’s time to win the peace with Serbia for us and future generations,” Thaci said in his annual address to parliament adding that he welcomes the forming of a parliamentary negotiation group.

He said an agreement with Serbia has to be final, comprehensive and part of the peace process with European Union mediation and full US support. “That agreement should bring Kosovo recognition by Serbia and membership in the UN as well as sustainable peace and stability for the region,” he added.

Thaci said he received a letter from French President Emanuel Macron along with the letter from US President Donald Trump, adding that Macron praised Pristina’s engagement for peace and stability.

“Losing this moment would mean a tragic step backwards and the loss of an opportunity which will not come back for a long time. As president I confirm that Kosovo is ready for a dialogue and accepts the obligation of reaching a final agreement with Serbia,” he said.

Source: rs.n1info.com