US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill condemned the violent attempt to storm the Belgrade city hall by the opposition parties yesterday. The opposition coalition Serbia Against Violence is angry over alleged electoral fraud, and the vote of dual citizens from Bosnia in Belgrade.

While the coalition had little hope of winning the general elections, they hoped to secure a symbolic win in Belgrade, and also to form the next local Government in the capital. The narrow vote eventually swung toward Vucic, and the opposition yesterday held angry protests during which they tried to force their way in the city hall. Police used tear gas and dispersed the group, while Vucic blamed them for trying to stage a colored revolution.

Ambassador Hill called on all parties, whether they won or lost, to respect the outcome of the vote and the opinion of other voters. He added that in a democratic society there is no place for violence or vandalism against state institutions, which is a blow to the opposition which is hoping to secure the support of the US Government, after already having the support of Germany.