Kosovo police killed at least three of the group of armed fighters that are entrenched in a monastery in the village of Banjska, at the north of the country, and who previously killed one and wounded another Kosovan police officer.

Kosovo alleges that the group is 30 strong and includes Serbian and Russian fighters who, they say, attacked the police with no provocation. Kosovo also claims that the group is directly coordinated by Belgrade. According to Pristina, the group is surrounded and the men are asked to surrender or be killed.

Serbian religious officials in Kosovo have confirmed that the group was in the monastery, but claim that they have now left. “There is only the deacon and the members of the brotherhood, as well as a group of worshippers from Novi Sad, which includes two underage children. They are currently well, praying in the chapel, and hoping that this drama will end soon”, the bishopric of Raska and Prizren said in a statement.

The crossings between Serbia and Kosovo were closed this morning. Serbian officials are yet to declare their version of events.